Four Loko

Hey! How ya doin? What’s up?

How’s it going everyone? Today I’ll be reviewing our video ” Four Loko “. This sketch is about a group of friends who are trying to have a party. It turns out to be so boring that everyone decides to leave. Just before they do, one of them brings up the topic of Four Loko. He leaves to go get some and once he returns the party really begins. Four Loko turns the party from boring to exciting! I don’t want to give away too much so check the video out! The idea for this film is based on real experiences with me and others who have had Four Loko prior to this video, haha. It’s crazy that only one can can make you feel tipsy, which is really all you need to get to have fun. My friends and I have had some funny times with this and because of that I thought it would be funny to do a sketch on it. This was the first of our sketches with a group of people, and it was fun to shoot. Some ask if we were really drinking the Four Loko while filming…, um, yea enjoy the video!

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I’ll be posting a review of each video we’ve done so far, and for the ones to come. Stay tuned, and enjoy!


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